Let us make you a custom made Griddle Top to fit your Grill or Stove Top!

Add an Affordable Custom Griddle Top to your current BBQ.

With many different Griddle Tops available on the market, what makes Griddle Master’s Griddle Top any better? We offer our unique Griddle Top that goes in place of your BBQ Grates. You can easily switch between your grates and the Griddle Top.

Because the Griddle Top sets inside “in place” of your BBQ grill grates, you only have to cook on low heat. Your Griddle Top will get much hotter and have consistent heat across the top. You save time & money multiple ways. You don’t have to wait 10 minutes for your grill grates to heat up before starting to cook. Turn you grill on and set it to low on all burners and in 1 minute you are ready to start cooking. Yes!!! 1 minute… How? Because the heat can’t just escape like it does with your current grates, the Griddle Top gets very hot because the heat has to travel across the entire griddle top and then escape. So even on low, it will get extremely hot very quickly. No uncontrollable hot spots unless you want to create one by turning off some of the burners. In total, this will save you a lot (2/3 on average) in fuel. Then the cleanup is a breeze. Simply squirt water on your Griddle Top and wipe off. Yes! It is really that easy to clean.

Many things went into the concept of replacing your grill grates with a one piece griddle plate. This plate was tested in different sizes and shapes. It is important to note that the griddle plate top should not occupy the entire width of your grill space. It requires at least a 1.5 inch open gap on the left and right side for a total of 3 inches. This gap allows the pressure & incredible heat to escape without damaging your grill. We also recommend that you cook on low heat. You will find that low is equal to high with grates.

The additional heat that escapes from the sides of the griddle, provides a positive. With the right equipment, you can set up your griddle to act as a convection oven. Thus allowing you the ability to bake almost everything you can bake in your home oven.
Having the ability to cook, bake, fry and steam all at the same time will prove to be priceless. Check out our videos on our “videos” page or on YouTube to see how all these options can be obtained all at the same time on your outdoor griddle.

How do I clean the Griddle Top after I cook a meal on it?”

LET THE TOP COOL DOWN BEFORE APPLYING WATER FOR CLEANING. You can wash the griddle top while it is warm, but you don’t want to give it a sudden thermal shock. (a small amount of liquid to deglaze should be okay, but not tons of water after having had the griddle top blazing hot). I prefer washing the griddle top while it is warm, as I find it is easier than letting it cool all the way down.



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