About Us

box1Welcome to Griddle Master. I am Griddle Master Joe. I have a passion for cooking. I want to share with you my passion for cooking, griddling and entertaining. It started at the young age of 17 when I began working in an Italian restaurant. I quickly learned how to cook and fell in love with the art of cooking. I am always trying new recipes and creating my spin on old favorites. I have expanded my passion to include outdoor cooking. I have always had an interest in griddling / Cooking Teppanyaki Grill style. It is a great, healthy way to enjoy your favorite foods without loosing flavor. I began by purchasing a smaller size griddle and quickly out grew that. I wanted something bigger and better. After much research, I did not find a griddle that would accommodate my vision.USMap I decided to custom make one that would meet all my needs. I bought a large BBQ grill and converted it into a griddle by installing custom griddle plates / Teppanyaki Grill Top. I have always loved the Teppanyaki restaurants but the price was always to much to justify. So I decided to manufacture my own custom griddle to fix my grill. Hence the Custom Griddle Master BBQ Plate was born. My goal is to share with you my passion for griddling and inspire you to think beyond the regular BBQ. You can easily convert your BBQ into a Griddle Master BBQ Griddle. We can custom make a griddle plate that will fit right into your existing BBQ for a lot less than the cost of most BBQ replacement parts. You can maximize the use of your BBQ with a Custom Griddle Master BBQ Plate.  The BBQ Griddle will expand your outdoor cooking and entertaining experience.

We are proud to announce that after only a few months of having gone public, the Griddle Master Griddle Top is being widely used in the above shaded U.S. states.